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VEHICO has a new website. More information, faster access, even clearer arranged - these are the benefits of our new pages! Especially for new customers interesting will be the added category "Applications". You will find there an overview of applications in which VEHICO driving robots are used.
If you have suggestions or are missing something on our website, just let us know!

In addition to the already existing velocity control VEHICOs gas pedal robot now comes with a distance control. In this mode the desired distance to an ahead driving vehicle or target can be programmed and will exactly be controlled.

From now on, our customers receive a consistent user interface regardless of which system you are working with.

We have completely redesigned our operating software based on the latest web technologies. This has the advantage that no software installation is needed anymore. The only thing you still need to operate our systems is a standard browser. The type of operating system on the control computer plays no role anymore.

As before you still can operate the robots with a laptop directly from within the vehicle. A tablet computer or smartphone are just as well possible.

If the driving robot is used in test stands, the system can be operated and configured from any computer workstation. A spatial separation is no problem.

Thanks to the new system architecture, it is now possible to decouple a preconfigured robot system and operate it completely independently. This facilitates the use of robots for misuse and crash tests.

VEHICO has further improved the longterm proved concept of its steering robots and released a new generation. Directly noticeable advantages for you as user: Mounting of the robot is now even faster and easier as so far. And the view for the test driver is nearly unimpaired. The clou of our robots - the easy understandable scripting language - remains of course 

We are very pleased to present you our new Brake Robot CB2100. It was specifically designed for brake tests of various kinds. The available control variables are pedal position, pedal force, brake pressure and vehicle deceleration. Using our simple script language easy switching between different control modes even within the script program is possible at any time. Therefore you have the flexibility and certainty to fulfill all test requirements even in the future.


The new generation of the VEHICO Steering Robot is now available. The use of newest technologies leads to a unique price-performance ratio. Learn more about the benefits in daily use.      mehr >>>

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